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Driving Business Benefits - 2009 Towards Maturity Benchmark Review


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DateJanuary 28, 2009 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: about this project, benefits, free stuff, getting started, Next Generation Learning @ Work

Driving Business Benefits – the UK’s comprehensive review of Learning Technologies at work  was launched on the 28th January 2009.

This review is the 3rd in a longitudinal research series looking at trends ( see also  2005, 2007)  in the use of learning technologies in the business environment.  The work is supported by Becta as part of the  Next Generation Learning @ Work campaign.

It represents one of the most detailed studies to date into the ways that learning technologies are used in the business environment. The report highlights how organisations use and benefit from different types of e-learning, identifies critical success factors for e-learning success, and considers future trends.

The research included more than 300 organisations across both private and public sectors

Research aims:

1. To provide a snapshot of UK e-learning activity in the workplace at the end of a tumultuous year for employers.
2. To provide a benchmark for the activities that directly influence success.
3. To provide those new to learning technologies evidence to support their business case and inform their implementation planning.
4. To provide providers and policy makers with increasing awareness of business needs in this area


For the purpose of this study we define the term e-learning and /or learning technologies as: “the use of any technology across the learning process, including skills diagnostics, learning delivery, support, management (of  earners and content), informal and formal learning”.

Driving Business Benefits FULL report:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

This review investigates the experiences of those investing in learning technologies at work - what are organisations doing? Why are some more successful than others and what contributes to their success?

Chapter 2 - Building the Business case

This chapter reviews the evidence that will help organisations build better business cases for learning technologies in 2009 by examining the drivers behind investment and the actual benefits that are being delivered. It also provides a benchmark for e-learning investment.T

Chapter 3  - Trends in technologies and services

This chapter investigates the trends in the way that learning technologies are being used in the workplace. It considers how technology is used to support learners through the learning process and back at work.

Chapter 4 - Implementation

This chapter examines the ways that organisations are implementing learning technologies – what programmes are supported? Who is the audience? Where is learning offered? How is technology being used to support informal learning? 

Chapter 5 - Barriers to success

This chapter reviews the top barriers to successful implementation and how they are changing over time.

Chapter 6 - Improving the Impact

This chapter analyses the habits of the highly successful implementations and reviews the specific actions that can be taken to help overcome obstacles and encourage engagement.

Driving Business Benefits Annex: Sector Perspectives

Provides a comparison of drivers, benefits, barriers, technologies, skills programmes and implementation strengths for the following sectors:

  1. Education
  2. Public services
  3. Health
  4. Finance
  5. IT and Telecoms
  6. Professional and technical
  7. Service activities

The Research Summary, full report, sector perspectives, methodology and detailed slides from the launch presentation can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions or comments , do contact us via the suggestion or ask the expert box below.

If you would like to benchmark your own implementation against these results , do contact us at elearning@towardsmaturity.org.



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