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Towards Maturity 2011 Benchmark Study


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DateMay 27, 2011 Keywords: about this project, benefits, Towards Maturity Benchmark

Our thanks go to a record 600 organisations who contributed to the 2011 Toward Maturity Benchmark Study - a 50% increase in the number of 2010 participants.

To date 1800 organisations have participated in the Towards Maturity Benchmark since it began and during June and July 2011 a record 600 organisations took part investing over 400 hours in the process.

Take a look at what some of them thought about the benchmark review process here.


Craig McCoy, HR Director of Bupa Health and Wellbeing comments in the foreword:

'If HR is looking to establish a credible relationship with the business, we can’t afford to ignore the tangible business benefits illustrated by this report. Investment in innovative learning approaches facilitates business agility and can support business generation, improve customer service and increase organisational efficiency'

 The report is in 3 sections:

  • Boosting Business Agility - the full report (see table of contents here)
  • Boosting Business Agility - Longitudinal Trends tables
  • Boosting Business Agility- Executive Summary (to follow)

 The report explores the impact of learning technologies on business agility, business impact, efficiency and talent management and investigates the implemenation behaviours of top performers.

The findings were launched at a webinar in association with the Learning and Skills group and you can also download the launch presentation here.

Can I still download last year's report?

Our thanks to Towards Maturity Ambassadors

Our primary goal as a not for profit benchmark organisation is to share independent research with all those interested in improving the impact of learning technologies at work. This has been made possible through the active support of Towards Maturity's Ambassadors who share a passion for ensuring that independent advice is freely available to all.

We also thank Towards Maturity's Supporters  who help ensure that this study always remains current and vendor neutral.

Get involved in the conversation 

Benchmarking is a dynamic process - it's not just about research but it is about action . If this is something you are interested in, then please join our LinkedIn group New Learning Benchmarks - This group is for people wanting to fast track the results of innovative workplace learning & development through benchmarking. All of our previous and current benchmark reports will be posted plus latest news and comment.

IT'S NOT TO LATE TO BENCHMARK-You can still find out your personal benchmark

Click here to find out more

Or, if you are interested applying the benchmark findings in your own organisation, check out our Headstart Programme

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