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Learning Technology Exchange - new for 2012


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DateJanuary 11, 2012 Keywords: Conference roundup

Meet, tweet, network and share at the Learning Technologies 2012 eXchange  #ltuk12 and #lsuk12 Olympia

Update 18th January

  • Full agenda for exchange programme is now published below
  • Book your place at the show on Stand 45 (for LT exchanges) and Stand 218 for L&S exchanges or just turn up 5 minutes before the exchange is due to start to join in (spaces allowed!)
  • Make a note to join the Tweet -up at 12.45 each day - open to all!
  • eXchanges is free to participate for anyone registered to attend the Learning Technologies or Learning and Skills exhibition at Olympia 25th and 26th January  - follow the links to register for the exhibition.

 Introducing the eXchange

Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills is hosting an official eXchange to give the learning and development community a chance to meet, network and collaborate at the event. eXchanges will provide a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with speakers from the conference and will host the event’s ‘tweet up’.

The Learning Technologies  eXchange provides an opportunity for visitors, delegates and speakers to collaborate, exchanging ideas and experiences around themes being discussed in the conference and on the exhibition floors that will influence learning success in 2012.

Exchanges will take the form of conversations throughout the day looking at answers to practical questions that will stimulate innovation and creativity in learning and development. The conversations will take  place online or face to face at the Learning Technologies Exchange area powered by Towards Maturity at  Stand 45 or in the Learning and Skills eXchange area (stand 218) powered by Towards Maturity and partner Training Journal.

eXchange ideas directly with conference speakers

It is the first time that experts who are speaking at the conference will be involved in conversations as part of the exhibition. Throughout the day, eXchanges will consider a range of practical questions to promote learning excellence. Attendees can book to take part in small group face-to-face conversations with the speakers directly or can take part live via social media channels. - see the growing list of speakers who are participating below.

eXchange ideas with peers at the conference tweet up!

For those in attendance at both the conference and the exhibitions, the eXchange will also host the event’s official ‘tweet ups’ at 12.45 each day. These scheduled sessions are an informal opportunity for attendees to meet up with existing contacts, network and meet new people.

The team is encouraging all attendees who use Twitter to visit the eXchange stand on arrival at the event to collect their blue sticker and identify themselves to fellow users. Attendees of the conference will be able to collect their stickers at registration
Who can you meet?

Turn up on the day to join in the conversation

Column 1 = LT exchange, stand 45              Column 2 L&S exchange , stand 218

Stand 45

   Stand 218

11.30 am - Wed 25th January

How can we use our LMS better to support workplace performance? 

With Andy Wooler #LTX1

11.30 am  - Wed 25th January

How do we engage unwilling learners with learning technologies?

With Mark Bethelemy  #LSX1

Free Twitter logo iconWed 25th January

12.45 pm Tweet up Stand 45

Everyone welcome

12.45pm - Wed 25th January

How can L&D professionals shift from managing processes to  encouraging and supporting workplace learning? 

With Charles Jennings #LSX2

2pm -Wed 25th January

How do we ensure our learning strategy remains responsive to business change?

With Laura Overton  #LTX2

2pm  - Wed 25th January

What makes a successful corporate academy

With David Wilson  #LSX3

3.15pm - Wed 25th January

How can we make our e-learning content less boring

Andy Jones and Charles Gould  #LTX3

 3.30pm  - Wed 25th January

Social media & workplace learning- How do we overcome concerns about trust

With Joanne Jacobs  #LSX4




Stand 45

   Stand 218

11.30 am Thurs 26th January

How can we use learning technologies to build tacit skills?

With Guy Giffin #LTX4

11.30 am-Thursday 26th January

How can we create memorable (longlasting)learning through emotional connections?

With Ben Hines  #LSX5

1pm -Thursday 26th January

Given organisational constraints, how will learning innovation come about?

With Prof Steve Wheeler  #LTX5


Free Twitter logo iconThursday 26th January

12.45 pm Tweet up Stand 218

Everyone welcome


2pm - Thursday 26th January

How can we make better use of live online learning in our blended solutions?

With Dave Havis #LTX6

2 pm - Thursday 26th January

Practical steps to  make learning more effective using mobile technology

With Ros Sutton  and Marcus Boyle  #LSX6  

3.15pm  - Thursday 26th January

How can we better support learners at the point of need?

With Bob Mosher #LTX7

3.15pm - Thursday 26th January

How can L&D better demonstrate value back to the business?

With Kevin streater and Matt De Feo  #LSX7

 You can get involved in 4 ways:
• Book a slot to take part in the face to face conversations with speakers

• Visit the exchange area to provide your ideas on the eXchange wall

• Get involved in the conversation via Twitter (#LT12uk or #LAS12UK )
• Join your peers to catch up informally event Tweet up in the LT eXchange area at 12.45, These will take place on day 1 at the LT Exchange area (stand 45) and day 2 at  the L&S eXchanges area (stand 218

Finally don't forget that you will need to register for a free exhibition pass to take part in the eXchange (NB you only need to register to one of the exhibitions, once inside you can move freely between the floors!):

Also do complete our minipoll.

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