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In-Focus: Reinvigorating Compliance Training (2013)


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DateJuly 02, 2013 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: compliance

Compliance training is viewed by organisations as an area in which technology can deliver a big win. Why have face-to-face sessions when you can provide engaging, cheaper and more personalised content online? Well, that's the promise. But does e-enabled learning content deliver on that promise?

Towards Maturity conducted a new benchmark study during April and May2013 to provide participants with insight on how to improve the impact of compliance training.

Online compliance training is often criticised for being little more than a box ticking exercise. It is seen as a necessary evil due to the fact that most businesses have to ensure their employees are compliant with industry-specific regulation.

In this report we lift the lid on how organisations are using technology enabled learning to deliver compliance content that leads to behaviour change. We examine what organisations are currently doing with their compliance training programmes and how successfully L&D and risk and compliance professionals feel these programmes are performing.

Take part in our latest study on compliance training to find out how your programmes compare:


Filtering the data by the level of organisational maturity at using technology enabled learning enables us to provide insights into what good training looks like. The findings are revealing: more mature organisations are more than twice as likely to change working culture than those in the less mature category and 75% more likely to report a positive impact on staff behaviour.

By comparing what more mature organisations are doing against their less mature counterparts, we are able to identify the steps to creating effective online compliance training. We have also dug deeper into the data to provide insights from compliance and risk managers and those in multinational organisations.

Some 90% of organisations see technology enabled learning as the answer for delivering compliance training. We hope this report will help dispel some myths around compliance training delivery and help convert the potential into effective, behaviour changing learning experiences.

This new study, commissioned by SAI Global,  considers the views of 136 organisations representing  2.3 million employees across 17 nations.

Download the full report below for more information on:

  • The hopes and realities of technology-enabled compliance training  
  • The benefits of using technology to deliver compliance training
  • Thinking differently about methods /media/blends
  • Thinking differently about your audience
  • What does good look like? Aspects of implementation
  • The future of compliance training


Re-invigorating Compliance Training - Key Findings:

  • 98% of organisations want technology-enabled compliance training to help manage risk more successfully
  • 11% of organisations know how much they spend on compliance training
  • 12% of organisations say compliance training is helping achieve their business goal of changing working culture
  • 23% of businesses are raising awareness and understanding of complex regulations with compliance training
  • 67% of organisations say user engagement is the top barrier to adopting technology enabled compliance training
  • More mature organisations are 75% more likely to report a positive impact on staff behaviour than average
  • 81% use learning courses created in house to deliver compliance training
  • More mature organisations are 40% more likely to think about the business problem before recommending a solution than average
  • 8% of L&D professionals collect individual success stories and communicate them back to users
  • 20% of organisations include opportunities for staff to practice
  • 20% of organisations provide managers with resources and job aids to encourage application back in the workplace.


This study has been independently conducted by Towards Maturity but is free to download thanks to our sponsor SAI Global.

Please note that you need to be logged in /registered to download your copy. By downloading this report you agree for your email address to also be shared with SAI Global. (Please contact us directly for a copy if you do not wish for your address to be shared).

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