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Spotlight: Driving Innovation in Automotive Dealership Training (2014)


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DateApril 06, 2014 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: customer care, Towards Maturity Benchmark

Download 'Driving Innovation in Dealership Training' today from related download section at the bottom of this page.

The automotive sector, like many others, is under pressure to achieve more with less and is looking to technology-enabled learning for help. This means working smarter, targeting training where it can deliver most value, and ensuring no-one is being held back for lack of access to the appropriate resources.

This independent study has been designed to support L&D teams in the automotive sector who are on this journey.

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This study was commissioned by Raytheon Professional Services and carried out by Towards Maturity, a not-for-profit benchmarking practice, building on their benchmark research over the last ten years with over 2,900 organisations.

 Automotive OEMS were invited to take part in the summer of 2013. A total of 52 respondents took part in the online study representing 44 manufacturing organisations from 19 nations. 76% of those who took part were senior managers in HR or Learning and Development.

Delivering bottom line results

When compared to other participants in the 2013-14 Towards Maturity Benchmark study, we found that the sector enjoys above-average budgets of 5m Euros for learning and development. It also e-enables more formal learning (33% vs 26% on average) and spends more than most on each hour of e-learning content.

The sector is also more likely to report that they are realising the benefits that they hope for with 73% of the Automotive Participants agreeing that learning technologies are helping them to implement business processes and products (vs 47% on average).

Expectations for the future are buoyant with many anticipating an increase in overall training budget. 25% of their L&D budget is spent on technology (20% across the private sector as a whole) and this proportion increases year-on-year.

Download the full report at the bottom of this page to discover how the automotive sector is harnessing this budget to deliver great learning results.

Report Contents

  • State of learning in the motor industry
  • Drivers for change
  • Audiences and business models
  • Barriers to adoption
  • Technology in the blend
  • Effective implementation strategies
  • Future plans

Driving innovation in dealership training – Key facts

The top audiences offered Technology enabled learning in the sector:

  • 88% offer online learning customer facing sales staff
  • 81% - sales customer service staff
  • 81% - technicians within dealerships

Learning technologies are having an impact across the business, staff and L&D efficiency, with average improvements of:

  • 20% improvement in customer satisfaction scores
  • 11% reduction in time to competence
  • 7% reduction in staff turnover
  • 18% reduction in cost of delivery
  • 23% reduction in study time

Learning Technology in use:

  • 94% are using Learning Management Systems to store and deliver content
  • 68% using externally made custom e-learning
  • 63% using ‘off-the-shelf’ e-learning
  • 61% using best practice video content
  • 58% creating custom e-learning in house
  • 75% are using mobile learning

Top barriers to implementation:

  • 77% cite cost of set-up, development & maintenance
  • 60% not seen as a management priority
  • 47% e-learning as too generic and not tailored to need

This study has been independently conducted by Towards Maturity but is free to download thanks to our sponsor Raytheon Professional Services.

Please note that you need to be logged in /registered to download your copy. By downloading this report you agree for your email address to also be shared with Raytheon Professional Services. (Please contact us directly for a copy if you do not wish for your address to be shared).

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