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In-Focus: Lessons from MOOCs for Corporate Learning (2014)


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DateMay 12, 2014 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: blended learning, In-Focus

The Towards Maturity New Learning Agenda shows that whilst formal learning programmes in the workplace are certainly not redundant, there is a need to transform the way that they are delivered.

Currently 20% of all formal learning is e-enabled, rising to 57% of all compliance training. Corporate learning is beginning to embrace the concept of MOOCs. On the one hand, they can access a wealth of free, quality content and are realising the extent to which their staff are engaging in online CPD independently. On the other hand, they are beginning to understand the benefits of making their corporate learning freely available to the extended enterprise.

This In Focus Report draws on data from over 500 participants in the 2013 Towards Maturity Benchmark in order to explore what aspects of learning design can be drawn from MOOCs and applied effectively to learning in the corporate world to support the demands of today’s learners.

We look at six lessons that corporate L&D can learn from MOOC design:

  • Create a framework for self-paced learning
  • Design great learning experiences
  • Support peer collaboration using social media
  • Use online assessment effectively to support
  • Scale up learning
  • Drive engagement


Key facts from this report:

About MOOCs in corporate learning:

  • 8% of organisations are using MOOCs now and a further 7% would consider that they are just experimenting with them. In the next two years this is forecast to rise to 28%
  • Uptake is highest in the public sector with 42% using MOOCs

About learners:

  • 20% of learners are studying independently online
  • 88% like to be able to learn at their own pace
  • 75% of learners report that they are happy to engage with online learning without prompting

About learning design

  • 88% of top learning companies are incorporating all the media at their disposal to make the ‘e-learning course’ more interesting, including images, video, audio and animations, compared to 55% across the sample as a whole
  • Top learning companies are more than twice as likely to encourage learners to connect and share knowledge (45% vs. 18%) and to collaborate in building knowledge resources, using tools such as wikis, forums, podcasts and videos (36% vs. 15%)
  • Currently only 14% of corporate learning use defined performance support practices to support learning transfer after formal training
  • 88% of organisations have invested heavily in their own LMS which they are using to store, deliver and track e-learning courses, but currently only 21% integrate this with external video libraries.

Are you a top performing company in L&D? Benchmark here to find out:


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