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In-Focus: Mobile Learning at Work (2014)


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DateJune 16, 2014 Posted by: Laura Overton   Keywords: In-Focus, Mobile, Towards Maturity Benchmark

Powerful research from nearly 500 hundred organisations shows how mobile technology can be successfully incorporated into the workplace. 

This In-Focus report titled, 'Mobile Learning in the Workplace' is the second in a series that explores changing patterns of the use of mobile learning at work.

This report, supported by TM Ambassador Upside Learning, is based on extensive research derived from Towards Maturity's 2013 Benchmark Study. It examines key findings based on the responses received from 481 organisations, across 44 countries, spanning a range of industries, sectors, types and sizes.

With strong numerical data and an in-depth research about the L&D industry, the report sheds light on various trends and practices companies are employing with respect to mobile learning and how some of them are benefitting, laying a path ahead for learning professionals to successfully incorporate mobile learning technologies within the corporate workspace.

Upside Learning has contributed in the form of providing various suggestions and tips on how to kick-start mLearning initiatives from the ground-up, supported by a whitepaper and case studies.

Key findings:

  • 71% of respondents are using mobile devices up from 36% in 2010 and 47% in 2012)
  • This proportion rises to 83% (up from 65% last year) of top learning companies
  • Top learning companies are also more likely to be using and developing mobile apps
  • 52% provide learners with smartphones, rising to 60% of top learning companies
  • 48% provide learners with tablets, rising to 57% of top learning companies
  • 41% have a policy of Bring Your Own Device, rising to 66% of top learning companies

When compared with the 2013 Benchmark average values, those that specifically enable their content for mobile devices have gained:

  • 43% improvement in productivity
  • 73% improvement in revenue
  • 44% improvement in time to competency
  • 75% improvement in the number noticing positive changes in staff behaviour

Notably, those using mobile learning are at least twice as likely as non-users to exceed benchmark values and be in the top quartile for Towards Maturity Index.


In the Towards Maturity 2013 Learning Landscape report on 2,000 learners, more learners were using their own tablet than one provided by their work:

  • 10% are using their own tablet often to access work-related resources and information
  • 4% are using tablets provided by their work
  • 43% of learners find accessing learning from their mobile device ‘essential’ or ‘very useful’

The report contains useful tips for:

  • Developing your BYOD policy
  • Things to look for in Mobile Device Management
  • Kick-start your mlearning with tablets
  • Top tips for making mobile learning a reality in your organisation

Commenting on the release of the report, Laura Overton said:

"The second in our study about Mobile Learning at work shows that expectations are high, with over eight out of ten learning professionals looking to increase access to learning at the point of need. It is critical that we start to learn how to harness the opportunities available and this report provides a foundation of independent evidence from top performing learning companies, plus practical hints and tips, to support effective decision making moving forward."


To view a webinar on this In-Focus report by our Ambassador Upside Learning click here.

Download your In-Focus Report below, free of charge, to ensure that your mobile learning is successfully incorporated within your corporate workspace.

Are you a Top Learning company? Benchmark with Towards Maturity to find out:

This In-Focus report is free to download thanks to our Ambassador Upside learning. Please note that you need to be logged in /registered to download your copy.
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