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In-Focus: Excellence in Compliance Training (2015)


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DateOctober 06, 2015 Keywords: compliance, culture, In-Focus, learner engagement

New research highlights how to shift compliance training from 'tick in a box' to creating a culture of compliance.

Keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory environment is a constant challenge in almost all industry sectors. Indeed, regulatory change is seen by business leaders as the No. 1 'disrupter' over the next 5 years. For those responsible for delivery, compliance is a topic capable of capturing the attention of senior leaders and offers opportunities to open up discussion at the most senior level.

When Towards Maturity reported on Reinvigorating Compliance Training in 2013, compliance training often had a rather poor reputation, providing a dull tick-box experience, rather than changing the behaviour of individuals and the culture of organizations. However, we identified areas of good practice that were making a real difference in organizations which were successfully delivering against their compliance learning objectives.

So two years on, we explore what progress has been made and dig deeper into the extent to which learning innovations that are helping learner engagement are building a culture of compliance in successful organizations.
Over 250 Chief compliance and Ethics officers , risk managers and L&D leaders responsible for compliance training took part in an online study and a series of workshops between March and September 2015.

You can download the full report of the findings at the bottom of this page.

Fast Facts: 

  • Nine-in-ten compliance professionals are looking to mitigate risk, improve business process and shift behaviour and culture through their learning initiatives but only two-in-ten are largely achieving their goals.
  • There is beginning to be a shift in thinking away from the traditional e-learning course approach, with 13% of organisations moving to more innovative learning approaches. In APAC countries, this rises to 24%.
  • The top barriers to change are the cost of setting up and maintaining technology solutions (reported by two thirds of organisations) and the time to develop and build good quality learning content.
  • 98% of respondents sought to improve their measurement of awareness of compliance risks through their use of technology, but only 34% are largely achieving this goal.
  • Two-in-three organisations now take time up front to make compliance learning materials as engaging and memorable as possible.
  • 38% of organisations ensure that compliance training is role specific, but this practice is not widespread except for certain high-risk job functions.
  • Virtual classrooms and webinars are increasingly popular in large organisations, with 81% expecting to use them in the next 2 years.
  • 61% of organisations are using videos or user stories, and 38% are using games and simulations.
  • 38% of organisations have an internal communications plan to engage stakeholders (compared to 36% in 2013).  34% send regular reminders to remind staff to apply learning in context.
  • Across a sample of over 5,000 learners, 26% reported that uninspiring learning content was a major barrier to their learning online.

Higher Achievers
are defined as those largely achieving 9 out of 17 drivers, compared to the Lower Achievers (reporting 1 or no benefits). Higher Achievers are:
  • More than twice as likely to ensure that learning is aligned to performance objectives and ensure that business and learning are well aligned.
  • Twice as likely to work with local champions as part of their training programs
  • Almost twice as likely to target learning to job role than lower achievers.
  • Three times as likely to report against KPIs for business objectives, and twice as likely to report against KPIs for learning objectives and to collect individual success stories than low achievers.
  • 26 times more likely to have improved the effectiveness of the learning experience through better application of technology than low achievers.

"While organisations understand and appreciate the benefits that training provides to business improvement and cultural transformation, few are largely fulfilling them. This should act as a clarion call to the industry to step up and harness these opportunities." Peter Mullins, CEO, SAI Global


Download the full report and a summary version below

The full report outlines detailed strategies from the Higher Acheivers in this study, to help organisations align, design and enliven great compliance programmes that result in real culture change.



This In-Focus report is free to download thanks to the support of SAI Global.

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