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Risk in the C-Suite: It’s time to unleash the power of your people


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DateOctober 13, 2016 Posted by: Levi Phillips   Keywords: Business Strategy, strategy

This report is a new addition to Towards Maturity’s longitudinal research series, investigating trends in modern learning practices at work, with a focus on the priorities of the C-suite – the most senior executives in each organisation. 

Research conducted by the top global thought leadership consultancies pre and post the Brexit vote has highlighted a number of common and complex challenges facing the C-suite.

A number of the biggest risks and opportunities concern how the C-suite drives, communicates and sustains a living people strategy. A future-focused business requires a 21st century agile ecosystem. This report will spotlight how moving from transactional organisational learning initiatives to a ‘learning organisation’, will be vital for any business transformation.

The dynamics of these challenges requires a different approach from the C-suite. How they engage and direct their people professionals will be one of the most critical elements within their strategy.

What you'll learn in this report

It is imperative that the C-suite challenge their business leaders and people professionals to create a learning organisation strategy with pace, one that is based on sound research and delivers the best fit, value and impact for the organisation. Like any strategic investment, the budget should be analysed and where possible internal expertise maximised to reduce cost.

We have curated evidence that helps you:

  • Explore the risks shared by the C-suite today
  • Expect more impact from your people professionals
  • Unleash the power of people

We will show you how moving to a C-suite led ‘learning organisation’ strategy helps you manage risk and prepare for the future.


About the authors

Jane Daly

Jane Daly is Founder and Chief People Officer at People-Star, a consultancy with a mission to step up and speed up the transformation and future impact of the business of people and performance.

Jane has been working in partnership with Towards Maturity for a number of years and led Marks & Spencer to become a top-deck learning organisation through the benchmark study. She is currently working with Laura Overton on a number of key initiatives as a Strategic Analyst.

Until April 2016, Jane was the Global Head of Learning & Development for Marks & Spencer. She created an award-winning business led academy model to impact business performance and mitigate critical capability risks. The academy was strategically embedded within the global business and people plan and transformed how senior business leaders, HR & L&D analysed, created and delivered learning organisation benefits.

Twitter: @Janesdaly


Laura Overton

Laura Overton is the founder and CEO of Towards Maturity - a not for profit benchmark practice that provides independent research to help organisations deliver improved performance through learning innovation. Her work is based on 30 years of practical experience in implementing technology enabled learning strategies for business advantage and is backed by her independent research.

Laura established the Towards Maturity Benchmark to provide organisations with independent evidence to influence positive change. Since 2003, 5,000 people professionals have used the benchmark to help them establish an effective e-enabled learning culture in the workplace. Passionate about influencing change, the core research base is provided free of charge for all L&D professionals looking for independent evidence on which to base their decisions. She was also one of the first to research directly with learners in the workplace and runs the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape to help L&D understand how staff learn what they need for their jobs. To date, over 25,000 learners have been involved in this research.

Twitter: @lauraoverton 


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