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Good Practice Partners for Learning Technologies Awards

Towards Maturity is Closer Still's Learning Technology awards exclusive good practice partner. CloserStill organise the Learning Technologies conference and the Learning Technologies Awards.

As good practice partners, we will be identifying effective implementation practices from the e-learning age award winners in order to share  ideas more widely through the e.learning age magazine, both online and in print and through the Towards Maturity site.

Award winning case studies 

The partnership will result in case studies of the Learning Technology Award winners that draw out good practice. These will be be published in the e.learning age Magazine and on the Towards Maturity site.

Here are just a few examples of award winning stories from recent years.

Laura Overton, Managing Director of Toward Maturity, said: “The Learning Technology awards have gone from strength to strength and we look forward to working with the team to draw out practical lessons from the winners  & sharing the secrets of their success more widely so that everyone can benefit''.

Mark Penton, Closer Still  Director said: “We have worked with Towards Maturity over a number of years. Through their benchmark research, they  contribute significantly to the understanding of learning technologies in the workplace and we’re pleased we are set to continue and develop our relationship for the benefit of the learning profession reinforcing many of the key issues we cover in our conference, our media and in our awards.”

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