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Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme

The Towards Maturity Benchmark Study is a result
of unique industry collaboration.

It would not be possible without the contributions of:

  • Towards Maturity Ambassadors (below) make this study possible as they share a passion for ensuring that independent advice is freely available to all
  • Towards Maturity Supporters who ensure that the study remains current and vendor neutral

The Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme 

Our aim as a not-for-profit organisation is to provide independent practical research in the application of learning innovation to support organisations looking to accelerate performance. We refresh this Benchmark Study on an annual basis thanks to the support of our Ambassadors from across the industry.

Our Ambassadors support the annual Benchmark Research and the identification and dissemination of good practice case studies. They work together as Ambassadors for change, identifying and improving good practice, raising awareness and driving the whole industry forward. Ambassadors sign up to and share Towards Maturity’s vision and values:

  • Encouraging learning innovation that directly impacts results in the workplace
  • Building on, acknowledging and contributing to collective good practice
  • Supporting the learning and education of others
  • Building transparent, trusted and open relationships with those whom we work
  • Encouraging excellence from within
  • Celebrating success

Many of our Ambassadors have been supporting our Industry Benchmark Research for a number of years and several also support the release of new insights through our in-Focus and Spotlight series which are freely available to download via the Towards Maturity Shop.

Find out more about our Ambassadors, what they do and how to keep in touch below:


Strategic Partner and Ambassador

The CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development. It has over 135,000 members internationally working in HR, learning and development, people management and consulting across private businesses and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors.



"There is plenty of great practice in learning and development. But there are still too many occasions where we proceed on the basis of what we think works, rather than what we know works. This is why CIPD have linked up in a strategic partnership designed to deploy robust research to help drive better practice in the design, delivery and application of learning and development in the workplace."

- Peter Cheese, CEO

Follow @CIPD on Twitter

Publishing Partner and Ambassador

Emerald is a global publisher linking research and practice to the benefit of society. Founded in 1967, Emerald today manages a range of digital products, a portfolio of nearly 300 journals, more than 2,500 books and over 450 teaching cases.

"Quality research, nurturing fresh thinking and delivering impact, are at the heart of our publishing philosophy. With this in mind, Towards Maturity’s highly respected Benchmark research is a perfect fit for us. By making the Benchmark available on the Emerald digital platform we will increase the impact it has upon organisations. We are also excited to make the Benchmark available across our academic networks, enhancing its global reach and positively influencing the research agenda itself."

- Tony Roche, Publishing Director 

Follow @EmeraldGlobal on Twitter


Founding Ambassador

For over 15 years, Learning Technologies (in association with Learning and Skills) has been Europe’s leading conference for organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work.

With keynote addresses, case studies, café sessions, theory presentations, practical debate, google hangouts and a wide range of collaborative and networking opportunities, the conference programme is a great opportunity to listen to – and interact with – some of the leading thinkers, visionaries and practitioners in workplace learning today.

Follow @LT15uk on Twitter

Founding Ambassador

Formerly known as Epic Learning Group & Line Communications, LEO is part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG).

LEO believes that technology-enabled learning innovation has the power to deliver truly transformational results.  





"Our purpose is to help clients deploy learning technology to deliver outcomes precisely aligned to their business goals. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we design engaging learning architectures that fit seamlessly into businesses and improve performance throughout the entire organisation. LEO has the deep understanding of learning design and technology combined with our pioneering, creative approach to drive learning transformation."

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Founding Ambassador

Providing comprehensive online resources for employee and management development, while supporting L&D professionals through networking events, workshops and shared resources. Our online & mobile management Toolkit is used by more than a million managers for instant performance support.

“I’m proud to support Towards Maturity’s work, which is unique in identifying the most effective way to harness learning technologies. Technology-led solutions are increasingly a critical part of a blended approach to Learning, Talent and Management Development, it’s essential for businesses to know what works, and what doesn’t – especially as there is greater recognition than ever before that improving skills has a direct result on business results."

- Martin Baker, Managing Director

Follow @CorporateELearn on Twitter


Founding Ambassador

We enable affordable eLearning within more than 120 third sector organisations, helping to develop 300,000+ volunteers and staff. Our unique collaborative concept, with networking, workshops & Awards, supports L&D success.


"I think that collaboration will be the buzz word of the decade, not just in learning and development. I'm delighted to see more cooperation in the eLearning industry and the ambassador programme is a great example of where we can make a real difference, by supporting Towards Maturity and the invaluable work that it does."

- Martin Baker, CEO

Follow @CharityLearning on Twitter



An award-winning company delivering bespoke communication and learning solutions that make a difference for people and organisations.

"Acteon is dedicated to delivering outstanding learning solutions for our clients. We share the commitment of Towards Maturity to spreading best practice and embedding learning technologies at the heart of enterprise, and so we're delighted to have the opportunity to support the Ambassador Programme."

- Owen Rose, Managing Partner

Follow @ActeonComm on Twitter



With more than 7 million users, CrossKnowledge is a global digital learning company that helps its customers with any transformation, by bringing them the convergence of cutting edge technology, world class content and services. These solutions guarantee a unique learning experience for the individual and a real return on investment for the organisation.






Follow @CrossKnowledge on Twitter


Dossier is a point solution for enterprise competence management and learning compliance. Our customers operate in high consequence industries such as health, aviation and finance. We ensure capability where it matters for our more than 300 customers and 300,000 users.

"We benefit greatly from the wealth of data and insight provided by Towards Maturity and are excited to strengthen our collaboration by supporting research, sharing and networking through the Ambassador programme."

- Erik Spade, Chief Commercial Officer

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Docebo (from the Latin “I will teach” and pronounced “Docēbō”) is a pure Cloud Learning Management System (LMS). Available in over 30 languages, Docebo truly exemplifies internationalization. 



Consistently ranking in the world’s Top 10 for elearning solutions providers, Docebo is generally regarded as one of the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for training management.

Follow @Docebo on Twitter



DPG is a national provider of learning solutions and has been at the forefront of developing and professionalising the L&D profession for over 25 years. DPG is also CIPD's Learning Arm’s sole partner to deliver CIPD Level 7 Advanced Qualifications.


DPG also work with The Kirkpatrick’s to align learning to business goals to generate and evaluate tangible ROE. "This all helps move closer to our goal of moving L&D from the Classroom to the Boardroom alongside our colleagues in HR."

"The Towards Maturity research aligns with our passion to embrace and pioneer new ways of learning that supports the new ways of working. We find new ways to simplify the learning experience and constantly strive to develop L&D professionals as change agents within business."

- Robert Wagner, Commercial Director 

Follow @DPGplc on Twitter





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"Inspiring millions of leaders and managers across the globe to perform new skills and meet their challenges is what we are all about. The Towards Maturity Benchmark study has long been a powerful tool for learning leaders to assess what’s working, what’s not and how to improve performance.  It’s great to be a part of this initiative"

- Owen Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer

Follow @GoodPractice on Twitter


Kallidus is a leading provider of integrated learning and talent solutions, with 15 years’ experience in making learning and talent a success for over 200 clients. Dedicated to customer excellence, our award-winning, cost-effective solutions support people development within public and private sector organisations of all sizes, in all sectors.

With a passion for delivering outstanding customer service, we work in partnership with many leading brands, including Boots, O2, Transport for London and Eurostar, to help achieve business transformation and drive long-term performance success.

"Kallidus has been closely involved with Towards Maturity for some time and is now delighted to join the Ambassador group – we value independent evidence and are passionate about sharing good practice.”

- Rob Caul, CEO 

Follow @Kallidus on Twitter



City & Guilds Kineo helps leading businesses improve performance through learning and technology.

"We’ve delivered measurable results for clients including McDonald’s, Nikon, Sony, TUI, Network Rail, Compass and many more. We support on key performance areas including compliance, leadership, onboarding, sales and customer service. We’re global, with teams in the UK, US, Asia Pacific,and  beyond. We also love to share and build strong partnerships with those we work with."

Follow @Kineo on Twitter


KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax, and Advisory services. It operates in 155 countries and has 155,000 professionals working in member firms around the world.

"The effective use of learning can drive real value within businesses. Insight is critical to create online learning that engages participants on an emotional level and addresses genuine business issues. The KPMG Learning Academy team understands the importance of true insight to our clients which is why it is an obvious choice for KPMG to become an Ambassador of Towards Maturity."

- Neil Wilson, Learning Academy Lead

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Learning Pool is an award winning, customer focused e-learning company dedicated to pioneering innovation in the industry. With a compelling business model that offers customers a one-stop-shop solution to their e-learning needs, over 400 companies currently use Learning Pool’s systems to drive performance improvement and achieve real outcomes.

"At Learning Pool, our vision is to be the most customer-centric online learning company in the business. Our integral values of going beyond what the contract says or time of day guides the way we work with both our customers and each other, reflecting our community ethos and ensuring we maintain our 98% customer satisfaction rate."

- Paul McElvaney, CEO

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LRMG is a performance agency, aligning people and environments to optimal performance through a variety of performance-enhancing solutions. 





LRMG currently has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Mauritius and representation in another 18 African territories.

At Lumesse we understand that great business relationships are built on trust over time.The best, most successful partnerships depend on open dialogue and ongoing debate.

Over the past 10 years we’ve developed, long-lasting relationships with the companies we partner with by being inquisitive enough to ask tough questions, bold enough to try new things and determined enough to deliver meaningful change.But don’t just take our word for it; talk to anyone we work with.

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Raytheon Professional Services UK - Outsourced Training


Raytheon Professional Services is a leader in global learning solutions and training outsourcing. With over 1,000 professionals, we help leading organisations in more than 90 countries and 30 languages reinvent the way they deliver training across the global enterprise. 

Blog: Follow Raytheon's Blog

"For almost 80 years, RPS has been helping clients across the globe meet their critical objectives by designing, implementing and managing efficient training solutions that align employees, customers and partners to key goals and business objectives. As a leader and innovator in learning, we are proud to support the work of Towards Maturity and share its passion for helping organisations to improve the impact of learning technologies at work."

- Piet-Jan Van Gerwen, Business Development Director EMEA

Follow @RaytheonRPS on Twitter


As a market leader in learning solutions, Redware are revolutionising the way people do business through learning management systems with a difference.  Designed to get the most out of the user experience, their platforms empower organisations to learn in a way that’s flexible and creates engaging learning journeys.

"The Towards Maturity benchmarking study is both invaluable and crucial to our industry.  We are at the forefront of a market which is changing business globally and being a part of this research is fundamental to the success of our solutions. The resulting findings have the potential to shape and influence everything that we set out to achieve as a business. We are extremely pleased and proud to be a part of this revolutionary work which Towards Maturity are championing to gather knowledge surrounding best practice and innovation in learning."

- Andre Wigley, CEO

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Saba is a global leader in next-generation cloud solutions for talent management. Supporting the new world of work, Saba delivers learning, performance, succession, workforce planning, recruiting and compensation solutions that incorporate social, collaboration, mobile and gamification technologies.

"Today’s employees want and expect to access and consume Learning when and where they want it. Learning and Development has to create a more dynamic Learning culture, not only by tying learning to the objectives of the company, but also in the way learning is delivered and consumed. Advances in technology provide a real opportunity to create a true 70:20:10 Learning environment. It is now the job of the Learning department to embrace this and drive learning to a new level of performance. We are delighted to be a member of the Ambassador programme and to help the learning industry move to this new level of performance."

- Ian Baxter, Marketing Director, EMEA

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"At Skillsoft we have a passion for supporting our customers and learners with the latest research and independent advice to support their ongoing success. Working with Towards Maturity on their benchmark programme is a clear and obvious fit that will bring significant insights and benefits to our customers around the globe."

- Kieran King, Global VP, Loyalty Strategy of Skillsoft 

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Speexx helps large organisations everywhere to drive productivity by empowering employee communication skills across borders. Speexx is a leading provider of award-winning cloud-based online language training solutions. More than 7 million users in 1,500 organisations – including Ericsson, ArcelorMittal, UNHCR and Credit Suisse – use Speexx to learn a language smarter and deliver results on time.

"At Speexx, we provide global online language training services that help to improve the business communication skills of language learners around the world. Our mission is to set the standard for excellence and innovation in web-based language training and online tutoring services. That’s why we want to see exactly where we stand in today’s competitive market. We met Towards Maturity and knew immediately that we wanted to be part of their impressive research as we share the same high standards and goals. We are thrilled to stand behind Towards Maturity and we’re looking forward to what will surely be a successful cooperation."

- Armin Hopp, President & Co-Founder

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Sponge UK creates custom-made elearning solutions designed to supercharge workplace performance. Their focus is on making learning absorbing, inspiring people to connect with and apply what they learn.

"Sponge UK is committed to encouraging innovation in learning and contributing to best practice, so the team is proud to support the work of Towards Maturity and the important benchmark research they carry out. Working together, we can ensure that the elearning industry continues to promote excellence and evolve successfully into the future."

- Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director

Follow @Sponge_UK on Twitter


Please contact nigel@towardsmaturity.org if you would like to find out about become a Towards Maturity Ambassador.

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