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The Towards Maturity Index

What is the Towards Maturity Index?

Since 2003, over 4,500 organisations have participated in the Towards Maturity Benchmark. Over the years we have consistently found that organisations mature in their use of learning technologies report more staff impact, more business impact, more take up and more efficiency.

Towards Maturity have identified 6 workstreams if implementation practice (the Towards Maturity Model) that increase with maturity and consistently correlate to success in the workplace. 

In 2010, this model was used to develop the Towards Maturity Framework - a composite index measure on a scale of 1 to 100. The TMI provides organisations with a single measure of implementation maturity against this model.

Why should I find out my Towards Maturity Index?

  • Your TMI provides you with a baseline benchmark from which you can monitor your organisation's progress year on year
  • As an industry index, your TMI provides you with an independent benchmark to find out how you compare with other organisations
  • Knowing your TMI helps to provide a focus for improvement

Does it matter what my TMI is when I start my journey of improvement?

No - we would expect those new to using technology in learning to have a lower score. But is it good to understand your TMI so that you can work on improving it year by year.

What are the benefits of improving your TMI?

Our Benchmark Study showed that compared with those in the bottom quartile of the index, those in the top quartile reported:

  • An additional 33% of cost saving
  • Twice the audience take up
  • 50% additional savings in study time
  • 6x reduction in time to proven comptency
  • 6x improvement in productivity
  • 7x improvement in staff satisfaction  

How can you find out your TMI?

You can find out your TMI for free:

  • Log onto the Towards Maturity Benchmark Centre
  • Complete MY REVIEW (paying special attention to the review questions in Accelerating Performance)
  • Go to MY PERSONALISED REPORT and generate a report to find out your TMI benchmark.

Note: Your TMI score is confidential to you and is not shared with anyone. Find out more about our confidentiality policy here.

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